Rummo History

A Family Story

It was in 1846, when we began with our horses Bruto, Baiardo and Bellothe research for the best, hard pasta in Sannio. Every journey started and ended in Benevento, the historic bridge of San Cosimo, that allowed the Appian road to pass over the river Sabato and reach our old mill. The river turned the stones and the Rummo family exploited with passion and ingenuity nature's gifts, and first antonio Rummo began producing pasta on the street via Dei Mulini. Benevento was always a stretegic zone for the millers' profession. The merchants of that time, carried the wheat from Capitanata (in the Foggia region) to Napoli, and passing through Benevento, they turned that wheat into a fine quality semolina. Today, after 170 years, the old pasta workshop on the street via Dei Mulini, has become a piece of the Benevento history and a relic of an ancient tradition. Thanks to this old tradition and six generations of experience in the production of pasta, Rummo Lenta Lavorazione® is in business today.

The Rummo family decided that it would be best for its pasta, if they listened to nature: ''Everything on earth has its time. We must think, the pasta will tell us how much time they need...''The method of Lenta Lavorazione comes straight from the traditional way of pasta making. A careful selection of the best ingredients, handled with care and without any rush, with respect to their needs, special features and nature's time.


Antonio Rummo starts milling wheat and making pasta, for the first time in Capitanata.


There are now two mills and they are moved alongside the rivers Calore et Sabato.


The company is founded and moved to the street via Dei Mulini, always in Benevento.


The first factory opens in Ponte Valentino, where the stage of the compan is found today. The mills stop their work and the company focuses on pasta production.


In the early 2000's the company starts a series of investments for the acquisition of international quality certificates and also for the decrease of its environmental impact.


The company is awarded by the Legambiente for the reduction of its CO2 emissions by 30%. On the same year, the Castiglioni pasta company is bought and 1 million euros are invested for the modernization of the Sozzago factory, raising its production to 30.000 tones per year and a revenue of 15 million euros.


Along with three other companies, Rummo is awarded by the President of the Republic with the Leonardo Qualita' Italia award for their innovation and for the quality of their products in combination with their international publicity.


Since 2014, after the merge with the Andriani pasta company, the Sozzago factory specialises exclusively in making gluten free pasta, taking advantage of the fact that the area is a huge paddy field (rice is the main ingredient in gluten free products).


The company has been heavily hit by the catastrophic floods, causing great damages in the region of Sannio. Through social media, famous personnas along with many other people are trying to raise awareness and help restore the factory.

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