Spicemix del Mondo Guadalajara
Spicemix del Mondo Guadalajara

Spicemix del Mondo Guadalajara

Spice Mix Del Mondo

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Orientation: a Mexican mix with am intense tomato and pepper flavour.

Ingredients: tomato, pieces of tomato, sweet peppers, smoked papprika, jalapeno pepper, chili, baked garlic, red onion, coriander, coriander leaves, cumin, fennel seeds, oregano, nopal cactus powder, lemon peels, annato seeds, vanilla, sea salt


  1. Casserole dishes
  2. Casserole beef
  3. As a breading for roasted corn
  4. Potatoes
  5. Bean rice
  6. To flavour mayonnaise and yoghurt sauce
  7. Chili con Carne
  8. Tortillas
  9. Burritos
  10. Empanada
  11. Enchiladas
  12. Pozole soup
  13. Mole sauces


  1. Great in a Tarhana soup
  2. A great match for Risotto Milanez, as it makes the cheese and butter stand out
  3. Better used at the start of the cooking process or during the preparation, in order to allow it to ''give'' its full flavour
  4. It is not suggested for a grill because it gets burnt and becomes bitter


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