Spicemix del Mondo Cape
Spicemix del Mondo Cape

Spicemix del Mondo Cape

Spice Mix Del Mondo

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Orientation: an especially aromatic micture with an intense pepper flavour and a fresh after taste

Ingredients: fennel seeds, coriander, pepper, chili, clove, mace shell, chai rooibos, bay leaves


  1. Marinades for A. Poultry B. Game C. Fish
  2. As a spice for A. Lobster B. Vegetables sauté C. Potato Purré D. Aromatic Mustard E. Focaccia and baking products F. Fresh salmon
  3. Squid cooked in wine
  4. Squid cooked in its ink


  1. In a traditional sausage
  2. Also ideal as a beverage in a spice tea

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