SABA Reduction Must
SABA Reduction Must

SABA Reduction Must


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Saba, or mosto cotto. It is the product of the reduction of must into a dark brown coloured, thick syrup with sweet taste and a pleasant, vibrant smell.


  1. Game
  2. In marinades
  3. A a season for:
    1. Polenta
    2. Dishes with pulses
  4. As a dip for fried gnocchi
  5. As a dressing on salads and barbecued vegetables
  6. Sauces
  7. On cheese plates
  8. Risottos
  9. Soups
  10. Topping on fruit salads, yoghurt and ice cream
  11. Uses in confectionnery:
    1. Must cookies
    2. Homemade sweets
    3. As a dip for the traditional sabadone sweets
    4. Baked quince


  1. In summer if it is thinned with water, can become an excellent refreshing drink or a sorbet for the children if we add crushed ice.


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