D03163 Ραγού Σεϊτάν (vegan bolognese)
Ragu Seitan (vegan bolognese)

Ragu Seitan (vegan bolognese)

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Seitan consists of whole-grain wheat, from which the starch has been removed and the gluten has remained. With the addition of water, this flavorsome product is created, which looks like meat in the texture and the appearance and it is a high-protein food.

Ingredients: seitan 37% ( gluten from the wheat, wheat flour, soy sauce, water), ginger, olive oil, carrot, onion, celery,corn flour, rice flour, condiments, salt


  1. Replacement of the mince
  2. Vegan moussaka
  3. Vegan greek baked stuffed eggplants
  4. Pasta

A. Vegan bolognese

                    B. Vegan Pastitsio

C. Vegan Lasagna

D. Cannelloni

5. Risotto



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