Pesto Cetarese
Pesto Cetarese

Pesto Cetarese

Sauces – Pesto – Creams

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A perfect combination of anchovies, dried fruit and intense herbs

Ingredients: Anchovies, colatura di alici (anchovy extract), black olives, green olives, capers, extre virgin olive oil, pine nuts, almonds, walnuts, parsley, basel, oregano, salt


  1. Ideal for pasta and risottos
  2. As a dressing in seafood dishes
  3. Accompagning fish in A a lemon and olive oil sauce or B in a fish sauce
  4. A great match for meat, especially chicken and pork
  5. As a dressing in salads and roasted vegetables
  6. As a dipping sauce with the addition of yoghurt or cream cheese


  1. Try using it on a pizza
  2. A great match for fresh tomato and grilled vegetables.
  3. Use it as a seasoning in puttanesca pasta.
  4. Create a sauce, by combining the cetarese pesto with the dairy cream.

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