Our Philosophy

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Our Philosophy

Equipped with multiple years of experience in the field of mass catering and a passion for refined taste, aiming to provide this field with quality solutions, we created, in 2008 Magna Carta.

Always restless and as enthusiastic as when we began we too, with our own Carta* pledge to the professionals of the field (chefs, F&B managers, entrepreneurs) to continue offering high quality products, in affordable prices, along with the best possible service.

Keeping in mind the needs of the mass catering market, we combine the essence of classic with an innovative aspect and offer both variety and quality to the professionals of the field, sharing with them, through this collaboration, our passion for gastronomy.

We Pledge.

Magna Carta's People


*Magna Carta was the first document that forced the British Monarchy, in 1215  a.d., to pledge the grant of rights to certain social groups (noblemen, barons, the church etc.) in an effort to restrict the authority of the King and provide protection for these groups of people.

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